mercoledì 9 marzo 2016

The way of the doubt by Stefano Donno


Underlying fear of restless rummaging in the drawer
i see the right tone circumstance precisely
there were a few uncertain sentence in presuppositional
or even the fiction stock in yielding to the lure in power
no one who discovers the sad and disappointed rice that almost decency
it is never hides for excess of consciousness or to inefficiency
or perhaps for lack or mere dementia
or false merit
but no no one has the audacity of the grant
or postpone the break
quite possibly the attention required
to force the barking mercy
certainly not the failure which dull the mind to love waiting
to anything that lies in forgetting
or cursed pose silly pose that takes hold in the rendering
or offense continues straight at home if nothing can refer
for simple defense
but no no clenched teeth wonders
than is forced to say,
nobody wonders what that anxiety
to run away from the stairs
in the dark like hell for that hiss

macabre almost silent inertin their ears all the misdeedshidden properly or lostbut no no one tries to savor saypetulant sometimes infastidenteindifferent without a shadow of doubt should benefit the missing pieceas if it were a temptation on his lips

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